Me me me….

Michelle did a me me me post so I wanted to do one too…
I love my bed and sleep in whenever I can
I love being a girl and wearing make up – not for a second would I want to be a boy
I love making things pretty and love showing off my home to friends
I love going out with my friends and talking about everything – we have no secrets
I have NO problems talking about anything and everything to pretty much anyone
I was a girl scout and so I am very prepared if you need something chances are I will have it in my bag
I don’t think I deserve Mr Ecochick I always worry that one day he will wake up and realise this
I think I’m a terrible mum and I pray that John will turn out normal and happy
I hate dogs. Period.
I absolutely love anything to do with vampires – books/ movies/ etc, sad I know
I would love to have more land so that we could have chickens and be more self sufficient
I think I am a better sewer than I really am – and get so upset when things don’t work
In my mind I am still a size 6 and HATE looking in the mirror as this is no longer the case
I am a total night owl and would stay up most of the night and sleep most of the day – except sunny days I love sunny days
I pray that the books I read will make me a better mum and wife
Chocolate makes me VERY happy
The complete truth…. I am completely mad!
I love blogging and thank all my wonderful readers and friends for some days I really cannot do without you all.
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