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When I hear cloth pads I think old rags or something gross like that. Mama pads, however, are pretty much like colourful disposable pads but you wash them. Couldn’t be simpler. Simple savvy talks about how much it costs a woman over her lifetime to buy disposable pads. Crazy how much a woman spends on sanitary pads and these all get thrown away. I guess some people would find mama pads super gross but I have no issue with it (once I got used to the idea).

mama_pads_nzMy mama pads of choice are bamboo ones from my favourite store Ecomoon. I used them after John was born and found them lovely and soft (especially on my stitches). I wanted to wait to write about mama pads until I had used them for a normal cycle. So I thought it was time to write my thoughts down.

As I said I found them lovely and soft and so easy to use. They have a snap on the end of the wings so snap together easily and thus stay in place. The pads are brightly coloured so you can’t really see anything gross. I found I had to change these a little more regularly than disposable pads but the Ultimate Night/ Postpartum would last me a night.

I found being out and about was easy as you just snap the used pad into its self and pop it into a little mama cloth bag to be chucked in the wash when I got home. When I’m at home I have an ice cream container that I put my used pads in with cold water then I just throw the whole lot in the wash with John’s cloth nappies. No mess or fuss.

My mama pad stash

(I find this will get me through 2 maybe 3 days comfortably:

4 x Ultimate Night/ Postpartum

3 x long heavy

5 x heavy

4 x medium

4 x light

Once I’ve “used” the pads I store them in cold water in an ice cream container with the lid on until I am ready to wash them.

I just drain the water and throw them in the wash with clothes.

Then hang them in the sun to dry because they are so absorbent they do take a while to dry.


One thing I found that put me off the mama pads was the start up cost it seemed like a lot of money to fork out at once. So after reading simple savvy’s total cost of what a woman spends I bit the bullet and bought the minimum I would need and then added to my stash whenever Ecomoon had a sale. I’ve found it’s great not to have to run out to the store to buy pads every month and what’s a little extra washing? Mostly though of course, I love the fact that I’m creating less waste going into the land fill.Oh and saving loads of money!!!

If you don’t like pads there are some other options such as the Menstrual cups but that doesn’t really interest me. What do you use? Are you willing to give mama pads or a cup a try? Go on you wont regret it.eco_living_nz

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