Making soapnuts liquid plus a giveaway

SoapNuts are a great way to eliminate chemicals and plastic from your washing. I’ve been using SoapNuts for about a year and have to say I love them. SoapNuts are a washing detergent that is found on trees. So cool. These nuts can be used in your washing machine, dishwasher, as a soap, as a cleaner basically it can replace most cleaners in your home! I can say truly say that soap nuts can handle pretty much anything including the poopiest of nappies!
You have a few choices with soap nuts you can put 4-6 shells in the handy little cotton bag then throw this in with your washing (make sure you tie the bag up really tight otherwise the shells have a tenancy to escape!) or you can use a liquid (see instructions below) or buy a powder.

Soap nuts liquid

I use a liquid as I find this is more effective than just using the shells. I used the shells for about 9 months then switched to the liquid which I now make myself. For a while I used one or the other but now I just use the liquid (personal preference ie Mr Ecochick got sick of soap nuts escaping into the washing machine when he didn’t tie the bags tight enough).
100g soap nuts (c2 handfuls)
2L of water
Bring water and soap nuts to the boil then simmer for 10 minutes. Once cold remove the soap nuts and pour into bottles. Shake before use. Use 25mlish per load of washing.
{You can add a thickener like xanthan gum or guar gum but I didn’t as I didn’t have any} 
I love that soap nuts are natural and come in a cloth bag so there is no waste or plastic to throw out. Once you have used up the shells you simply throw them in the compost bin. No waste at all!!! Mr Ecochick has super sensitive skin and soap nuts don’t seem to aggravate his skin. I love that washing with soap nuts leaves your clothes with no smell I hate all those strong smells that most washing powders add to your washing.If you’re interested in buying your own soap nuts you can buy them through the affiliated link below
Now for a giveaway from the wonderful folk at


Please use the form below to be into one of five 50g soap nuts. Only open to New Zealand.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much SoapNuts I’m a huge fan.

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