Make your own magnetic shopping list

I hate coming home from the supermarket and realising I’ve forgotten something. Grr that makes me so mad. So my solution is to have a shopping pad on the fridge so whenever we run out of something we just write it on the list. So come shopping day I add whatever else I need and never forget anything again!! (hopefully/ yeah right!)
This saves us money as we don’t need to go to the shops as often for only one thing and I don’t double up on things that we already have in the pantry.I make my own easy magnetic shopping lists to stick to the fridge. I reuse notepads and magnets you often get in the mail or at functions.
shopping list nz ecochick
To make our own magnetic shopping list:
a notepad
a magnet
pegs (optional you could also use a book or paper weight)

Add glue to the magnet. Not too much or it gets really messy (this is waaayyy to much!)

shopping list nz ecochick
Stick the magnet to the cardboard back of your pad.Peg or weigh down the pad until it is dry.
shopping list nz ecochick
Once dry stick to an easy accessible place. I keep mine on the microwave. How do you keep track of your shopping/ pantry? 
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