Magnetic dress up dolls

It’s my lovely niece’s third birthday today wow it’s gone so super fast!!! My niece is super cute and very mature for her age sometimes I think she is so much older than she is. She just loves puzzles so I made her some magnetic dolls. A different take on traditional paper dress up dolls.

I printed out these fantastic paper dolls from paper thin personas. She is so super talented!! Since I printed these she has added a magnetic doll section which I wish I had found before I cut out and made these dolls though I’m very happy with what I made. I love that you can print out shoes, handbags, dresses, skirts, dresses, pants and tops.
I was feeling very proud of myself for coming up with this idea but no it’s not to be as I see on paper thin personas’ she also had this great idea. So I guess great minds think alike ha ha. I see she also has some fantastic mermaid dolls you can print.  

So Mr Ecochick printed out a selection of paper dolls and I cut them out and picked which clothes I wanted to use.
I bought adhesive magnetic sheets off trade me and stuck my cut out dolls and clothes on. Mr Ecochick helped me cut out the magnetic dolls/ clothes. The magnetics were really easy to cut but with two full sheets to cut I got a very sore hand. 

I bought a tin from the dollar store but it had printed stuff on it that I didn’t like so I cut out some fabric and stuck the cloth to the tin with spray adhesive. It wasn’t easy to find a tin with a flat lid to stick the dolls to. These dolls will stick to any steel surface. My niece loved these dolls. I think she’ll have hours of fun. I enjoyed making these and I might make some chop and change cars or something like that for John?  

 Madeleine  x

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