Long hair saves me money

I’ve had long hair most of my life. Though I’ve gone through a few phases with short hair and even shorter pixie hair. It was so cute but I LOVE my long hair. I really do feel like a lion with my long mane. I am rather well known for my long hair. Being a leo also helps ha ha.

So how does having long hair actually save me money? Well when I had super short hair I had to cut it about every four or five weeks as my hair grows so fast so by just leaving my hair to grow long I only go to the hairdresser about two or three times a year so assuming my hair dresser charges $60 a cut I save over $500 by leaving my hair grow long. When I go to the hairdresser she generally thins it as I have so much hair!! I normally leave and it looks like someone’s whole head of hair is on the ground!!

long_hair_savemoneyI also dye/ colour my hair myself which saves me a truck load of money! To colour hair as long as mine would cost around $150-$300 a go wow (plus take around three hours!) so I do it myself about three or four times year so by letting my hair grow long I only colour it when the roots get really bad or when I can be bothered. Judging by the grey hairs in the photo I really need to dye it again. Ha ha. When my hair was short I had to dye it more often I’m guessing about every two months so that would cost me around $900-1800 and a packet of Tints of Nature costs me $30 so I only spend about $120 a year on hair dye (though I think I’ll need two packets from now on even so I still save a truck load!).

Having my hair long also means I only wash it about once a week. When my hair was short I had to wash it almost everyday as short hair gets dirtier/ oily so much quicker. I know some people do the no poo (don’t use any shampoo) but I don’t really see the point in that when I only wash my hair about 52 times per year.

So having long hair means I go to the hair dresser less, dye it less and wash it less. Win win for all!!


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