Life supports

The babies!

We did our antenatal class through the Parent’s Centre. The Parent’s Centre is great; they do loads of extra classes that you can do for very little money. So far I’ve done a crafts class and a baby CPR/ choking class. It’s really fantastic to have access to all this extra information and experts.
The main reason, however, we joined the Parent’s Centre was to make friends. The information was helpful as before the class I was in total denial about the whole birthing process; but more importantly I’ve made the most amazing group of friends. We meet on a weekly bases and have coffee and cakes (though today it was bubbles, cucumber club sandwiches and cupcakes!) and yak and laugh.
This group of girls has been a total life support for me; we talk about everything together. I mean everything! It’s amazing how much life changes once you have a baby and you so need girlfriends that are also going through the same thing at the same time. It’s so wonderful that all our babies are within 6 weeks of weeks of each other and so they and us can grow up together. It’s great we can help each other out with different issues or stages our kiddies are going through. We can also share clothes and tips.
We talk about absolutely everything and it’s so great to know what you’re feeling is normal. Girls just need to talk really, that’s how we sort through issues and thoughts and it’s so great to have a group of like minded woman who are a life support system.   
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