Lemons all around

I  bought this huge shopping bag of lemons from a lady for $4! Pays to ask your neighbours and people around you who have trees if you can have or buy their lemons. Home grown lemons are so much juicer and fresher than store bought ones.
I got out my old juicer that I’ve owned since I was 15. Normally if it was only one or two lemons I would use my glass hand juicer but with so many lemons to do old faithful it was. It was so much quicker with the juicer (even then it took about 3/4 of an hour to do them all!). I grated the skins of the nicest lemons as well.   
I got about 1.5 Ls of lemon juice! plus a lot of peels and some zest.  
I made a double batch of lemon curd. The rest of the juice I froze for later. I froze 2 jars of lemon juice all ready and measured for lemon curd plus four jars of lemon juice which could be for lemon cake. I also filled an ice cube tray which would be perfect for soups or the other million uses lemons are good for. 
What do you like to use lemons for?
Madeleine  x
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