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Lemons yummy yummy yummy lemons. Pretty much every backyard in New Zealand has a lemon tree just not ours. Luckily one of my girlfriend has a wonderful beautiful lemon tree that I love and she doesn’t so I pop over and help myself whenever I need (actually must go get some more soon). Lemons are so useful not only can you dink them, you can make spreads out of them, you can bake with them you can also clean with them.lemon_drink_nz

At the moment I’m loving (and craving!) drinking lemon water. I’d love to say I’m drinking it for all the wonderful healthy benefits but I’m just loving it (though maybe it’s my body crying out for help?). Until recently I had thought drinking lemons was not a good idea. Actually I hated it and thought it was so disgusting funny how your taste buds change when you move towards a healthier lifestyle.

So what’s lemon water? Basically fill your water container with filtered water and then squeeze some lemon juice into your bottle. You can add as much lemon juice as you like to taste really. Then I pop the lemon in the fridge for later. I’ve been drinking two of these bottles a day. So yummy.

So why would you want to drink lemon water too?

– Lemons are high in vitamin C – really good when the weather is getting cooler so great for keeping flus and colds at bay.

– Lemons contain pectin fiber which is good for colon health.

– Lemons are great at flush out toxins from your body; this explains why I’ve been peeing so much!!

– Lemons are a great source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

– Lemons dissolve uric acid so are good for inflammation and joint pain.

– Lemons are good for your skin – apparently lemons help stop wrinkles and acne. Drink away for this reason alone!!!

– Lemons help with eye health and helps fight eye problems.

– Aids digestion and encourages the production of bile.

– Helps promote wound healing.

– Lemons help in weight loss.

– Hydrates your lymph system.

{I got this information from the fantastic site Food matters and tasty yummies}

So grab yourself some organic backyard lemons and get squeezing today.

Aside from lemon water (which I hated until recently) I listening to this fantastic talk on Kombucha today. I’ve tried it once and wasn’t keen but after listening to this I am keen to try it again.

Current Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Sean Croxton on BlogTalkRadio


I’m also keen to try some more fermented drinks; jun, water kefir and soda. So ditch all those sugar heavy drinks especially the electrolyte and “vitamin” drinks and grab a lemon today. What do you like to drink?


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