Yummy, leftovers for dinner tonight. I love eating out of the freezer. It’s a great feeling as not only do we not need to cook it also means there are no dishes to wash! I know lazy aye. Though Mr Ecochick does all the cooking anyways – I’m so spoilt! He loves cooking and is so good at it though I’m sure he’d love it if I did more and now that I’m at home full time I guess I’ll do more.

Vegetarian spaghetti in a

reused takeaways container

Mr Ecochick cooks from scratch as he wouldn’t have it any other way and always makes loads extra so that we can freeze a few meals or at least have enough for lunch the next day. When I worked I generally took leftovers everyday so no need to buy lunch. 

I love that we always have a freezer full of leftovers so no food is wasted and also means no extra resources are needed to make an extra lunch/ dinner. It’s especially great now that I’m at home and breastfeeding so lunch is just a matter of heating some food out of the freezer. 

When we’re using the oven to make dinner I occasionally put a cake or muffins in the oven as well so the oven is on for two different dishes rather than only cooking one meal. I make a large batch of muffins and also freeze some for later. So bring on leftovers night.  

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