Lavender sugar scrub

I made a lavender sugar scrub for my sister in law for her birthday and also for Mr Ecochick’s aunt who is visiting us at the moment. I love this sugar scrub as it’s made from ingredients in your kitchen and can be made in a few minutes which is fantastic especially when you need a gift in a hurry.


Brown sugar
Any type of oil will do – though I found olive oil had too strong a smell for my liking I might buy some vitamin E or sweet almond oil to use in the future.
Any essential oil of your choice I used lavender as I love the smell.
A jar


Fill the jar completely to the top with brown sugar. Add a small amount of oil – shake the jar or use a knife to mix the oil through the sugar. Keep adding more oil and mixing until the sugar is completely coated in oil. Add drops of essential oils until you have the desired strength of smell.
I know these instructions are really vague but it all depends on the size of your jar. Basically you keep adding oil until the sugar is saturated with oil. For my jam jar I added 130g brown sugar, 60ml olive oil and 15 drops lavender oil. I also added some lavender petals but if I had more lavender I would have put some whole stems in as I think they look pretty.
You could pretty much make this sugar scrub with any type of sugar or any oil or any scent. I love that this recipe is quick, looks great, is a wonderful gift, is super quick and super easy to make. I’ve even made this with using salt, oil and lemon juice. So I think you can make a sugar/ salt scrub with whatever you have in the home. You could even make it difficult colours with food colouring if you wanted it. It’s quick, easy, people love it and it makes your skin feel amazing I really much make some for my shower.
What variations have you made or do to think you’d like to make?

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