Lavender body wash

When I was at my girlfriend’s place a few weeks back she had the most amazing body wash. Not only did it smell great; it made my skin feel super soft and just amazing. The recipe comes from a Wendyl Nissen booklet that was in the Woman’s Weekly a while back.

The original recipe is made with rose soap but I had some lovely lavender soap at home that was sent to me by Sharon from ECOtanka so I wanted to use this. The soap is made by Source Living and is made with 100% natural ingredients. The soap was lovely and gentle on my skin and didn’t dry my skin out like soap often does. It was wrapped in paper which I thought was great as this could either be put in the recycling or in the compost bin. So when I wanted to make my body wash I just knew I wanted to use this lovely soap.

lavender_bodywash_nzLavender body wash:

300ml purified water (or rainwater)

8 green cardamom pods

2 T (packed down) grated lavender soap

1 T glycerine (I used a vegetable based one)


Put the water and cardamom pods in a pot and bring to the boil.

Once the water has boiled cover the pot with a lid and turn off the heat. Leave to steep for 10 minutes.

Remove the cardamom pods with a fork and add the other ingredients.

Stir the ingredients until the soap has mostly dissolved.

Pour the mixture into a squeegee bottle.  The mixture can be very gluggy when it sets so give it a good shake before use.

I used an old Weleda body wash container to put my body wash in as it’ll be easy for me to take on holiday. My girlfriend uses an old hand soap pump container as this is easy to use the body wash in the shower.


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