Late February moon tails

Well I know I’m a week late but I guess better late than never. Oh and I didn’t write a moon tails last month as I did nothing and I mean nothing. I think I cleaned the house and that was about it. Exciting stuff.
Well this moon tails was different we had a great day out. My mother in law came down from Palmy. So mum, MIL, John and I went into Welly to go to the European Masters exhibition at Te Papa.
August Mackie Little Walter’s toys 1912

We first went to the Museum Hotel for coffee. I love the Hotel it’s so beautiful and the toilets are amazing. John had a play on the ground. Funny to watch John rolling around on the floor of a four star hotel. Though no one seemed to mind.

The exhibition was pretty good. It’s great to get special exhibits come to Welly. I bought John a cute poster which I’ll frame and put up in his room. I don’t normally buy things at exhibits but I figured it was John’s first exhibit. Cute. He was very well behaved. We then had a wander around Te Papa looking at it’s permanent collections. It’s such an amazing museum I haven’t been there in years which is sad so I’m going to make an effort to go more often.
We played in the discovery section of Te Papa John wasn’t very interested in playing with the toys he did like watching the other kids playing with drums. Was very cute. Then MIL and I  watched a short film about the history of NZ. Was very interesting will definitely have to watch it again. Will be so great to take John to Te Papa when he’s older.
We then went to One Red Dog for lunch. Haven’t been there in years. So yummy. John ate a huge piece of broccoli well he more sucked on it for the next hour. It was so cute as he was crying but was very muffled as he had this huge broccoli piece in his month – but he didn’t want to let it go!
We then went out on the hunt for some custard that had kelp in it as my MIL feed it to Mr Ecochick and so we though it would be good for the little man. So we went to Common Sense Organics. It’s a great shop I love it. Bought John some new bottle teats and some pasta stars (so cute). Found some at New World. He loves it!
We met the rest of the family for a lovely dinner in the Cosy Club. It’s always so wonderful to have the whole family together. I love going out together so cute all the kiddies playing together.
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