Knitted kitchen cloths

Mr Ecochick’s mum made me some wonderful new kitchen cloths. I’ve had several different cloths but I find that they don’t really stand up to the test of washing and reusing over and over again. I hate having to buy new things when what I have just isn’t up to scratch. Grandma Ecochick was given some left over cotton and so knitted me up some cool squares to use in our kitchen.

green_kitchen_nzIf I wanted to I could stitch some different colours onto each of the squares to colour code them for different purposes ie; blue for the bench, red for the floor, green for the bathroom. Though personally I’m not going to bother as we wash the cloths as soon as they get icky (which is pretty much every day) or if I have to clean up a mess on the floor I throw the cloth in the wash straight away. Best of all these are completely recyclable. Just throw them in the compost bin when they are spent.

If you want to make your own kitchen cloths groovy mom and fave crafts have some cool free patterns.

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