Kitty Christmas crackers

This post is the first in a series of craft posts that are going to be made and written by the very crafty Mrs S. Mrs S is a good friend of mine who is very talented and super clever. She makes all sorts of wonderful and amazing crafty things including incredible cakes. Mrs S made John some amazing bunny outfits when he was born; there were four of them in all different sizes he has only just grown out of the last one. Not to mention the lovely bunny soft toy and wombat pillow she just made him for Christmas. Mrs S doesn’t have her own blog (though I think she should) so I convinced her to do a monthly guest post for NZ Ecochick. I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make next month. 


Kitty Christmas crackers
You will need:
bendable cardboard
wrapping paper – papery not foil
tasty treats


Roll the card into a cylinder shape and tape in place – it’s going to be hidden so strength is more important that appearance

Insert toys and tasty treats – strong smelling is better as we want to get the pet’s attention.

Roll in wrapping paper and tape in place (or use festive stickers if you want them to look good, I figured my cat’s wouldn’t mind).
Check that the treats are still in place – they have a habit of rolling out.
Tie ribbon around the ends really tightly so nothing will fall out.
When ready, give to your pet and watch them doing the three things they love most – rip something up, play and eat.

If you are doing human crackers you can buy the snaps from spotlight – the ones I got were $4 for a bag of I think 10 – or you can buy cheap crackers from the warehouse, supermarket etc and cannibalise them for parts. I bought little bits and pieces for the ones I made in place of the plastic toys; things like kitchen items (mini spice grater), toys (lego set) and oddments (a packet of seeds to plant in the garden). The benefit to making your own ‘tube’ is the prize doesn’t have to fit a certain size. I got the obligatory hat and joke out of a cheap set of crackers I bought but in previous years I have found suitably terrible jokes and hand-written them for the crackers. I’m sure you can get hats from supermarkets or party supply stores but it was late in the day and I couldn’t be bothered looking.
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