Kitchen pot planter reuse

It’s now officially autumn and my basil is coming to a sad end outside. I just love basil and we use it in everything. I’ve frozen some basil, we’ve made pesto and I’ve bought some inside on the kitchen windowsill for easy access. I was de-cluttering and was going to get rid of this cute but not very useful utensils jar (way too small) when I though why not fill it with basil. I was concerned about the basil getting wet feet since the jar has no holes in the bottom so I filled the bottom half of the jar with small stones from the garden. I think this will keep my basil from rotting. I’ll just have to keep an eye on how much I water the basil. 
I then filled it with potting mix and added my basil. Looks so super cute. I love reusing items around my home. Motto of the week reuse or get out!
I think basil might just be my favourite herb. I also bought some more inside and filled other containers with basil. Can never have too much! also once you have fresh basil you can never go back to that powdered dried store bought stuff they call basil. Eww. I intend to have fresh basil all your round.  
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