Kitchen drawer organization

I’ve been doing some more organizing around the house. Slowly I’m getting satisfied with the state of organization in our home. Two drawers in my kitchen got the cut this week. Looking at the state of my draws I’m almost embarrassed to put these photos on my blog but at least the after photos look so much better and also wow it’s so much easier to find what we’re looking for. 
I went through the drawers and got rid of things we didn’t use anymore. I’m impressed to say that the only things I got rid of (gave away on freecycle) were some cheap steak knives (vegetarians really don’t have much use for these!)   
I sorted out the utensils that were in the drawer. The large ones I put in the utensil organizer on the bench. 

I found some old butter containers in our recycling bin that were going to go out the next day. They fit nicely next to the utensil tray. I sorted everything so that like was kept with like. I love the new drawer SO easy to find what I’m looking for  

With the unused steak knives gone there was room to move the remaining items around. The bottom console is now filled with John’s spoons. Mr Ecochick loves that the garlic press now lives in the second drawer rather than trying to find it in the mess of the third drawer. 
A week on and the drawers are still organized, look good, are easy to work with and makes life faster and easier in general.    
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