Kindy emergency kit

Wellington has earthquakes lots of them everyday. We don’t feel most of them but we have some good ones over the last few months. Big enough to make us stop and think we need to resort our emergency kit and kindy had the same idea.
I thought I’d share what’s in John’s kindy emergency kit. This kit would be enough food for a day or so in case I can’t get to John. I guess everyone should have something like this in their cars too.

What’s in John’s emergency kindy kit?

A cool bag that my mum made to hold;
Emergency blanket
3 tins of food
1 packet of crackers
some muesli bars and sweets
A family photo (not really necessary for your car)
2 liter bottle of water
monsties (John’s comforter)
Do you have your emergency kit sorted? in your home and car or work?
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