Children’s snack tray organization

John (and I guess most kids) like to snack between meal times. He has a little routine where he goes and gets one of his bowls then ask for whatever snack he wants. Often this is dried fruit of some type. He then asks for his little bowl to be filled over and over again when he’s emptied it. So while cleaning the bathroom and repeated requests to refill his bowl with raisins and cranberries I decided it was time he had his own snack basket.


John loved helping fill his own jars with his favourite snacks. In the jars we putĀ fruit leathers, cranberries and raisins, crackers, bread sticks, dried plums and apples. We put the jars and snack basket on the bottom shelf of theĀ pantry so John can help himself anytime he likes.

I know John will only eat when he’s hungry and I like that he’ll be able to help himself. Wow my little man is growing up so fast. Do you give your kids access to snacks? or do they have to ask?
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