Keeping love alive

We went to a friend’s wedding on Saturday it was so lovely to see the new love of a newly married couple. I remember that day oh so well. I so wish I could go back to that day and do it all over again as it was so amazing.


Trash the dress!!

Mr Ecochick and I have been together for 5 years and married almost 2. We both work hard to keep our love alive and fresh; trying not to take each other for granted. I would love to believe that it’s because we love each other so much that everything is so super amazing but I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of relationship/ self help books we’ve read. I’ll share some of these secrets with you.

The latest book we’ve read which was great, and is currently doing the rounds of my coffee group is Baby proof your marriage; it’s a fantastic book that talks about how to stay in love and be a couple once tadpoles come along. I think it’s REALLY helped both of us.

A quick fire list of my favourite books that I’ve read a few times and bought for oh so many people;

Love and respect; was that book an eye opener or what? I must track down my copy to reread it.

Why men don’t listen and woman can’t read maps; I LOVE Allan and Barbara Pease. They are hysterical. Actually you can read any of their books but this is my fav. I even own a signed copy of this, boy was I excited when I saw this on trade me!

5 love languages; I think this is my favourite book I have read it so many times and I have bought about a million copies of it as gifts for people (I think I should get a commission!). There is also an edition for children’s love languages so I must get a copy of that. This book has helped our relationship so much so I can only imagine it’ll be great for our relationship with our little man too.

Men are from Mars and woman are from Venus is a classic and was the first book I read on the topic. I’m currently reading Children are from Heaven. So far so good.

I can only really thank these books for the wonderful romantic evening I had last night. A bedroom lit with candles and a wonderful massage. I love to be Mrs.

On a note of good role models (I believe this really helps our marriage too); my parents have the most amazing marriage and is a constant inspiration to both of us. Their amazing marriage is a wonderful reminder of what a great marriage is and also how to have the most fantastic life together.


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