Keep your new baby green and healthy

Since I’m 25 weeks pregnant and feeling rather pregnant I thought I’d share this article I original wrote for an amazing British website (which has sadly now closed down). When it comes to your baby green and chemical free is always safer, especial in your child’s bedroom. Here are some simple tips to help you create a safer environment for your little one.

Furnishing and clothing. First thing’s first – Before your baby is born wash all furnishings and clothing with chemical free cleaners, such as white vinegar, in order to remove any grime, grease and chemical residue. Once cleaned, place these items in the sunshine to decrease the chemicals being released into your baby’s room. Also, when buying new curtains, and clothing, choose natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, wool, linen or hemp. Clothes, furnishings, curtains, and all upholstery should be free of fire retardants.

Eco-friendly mattress. Babies sleep 10 hours per day so a safe mattress is one of the most important purchases for your little one. There are many green mattress options out there – wool, bamboo, organic cotton, coconut fibre and latex (make sure it is natural latex and not the synthetic kind though).

John fast asleep on a natural latex and wool mattress

Buy second hand. One good way to avoid these chemicals is to buy second hand. Second hand is always greener than the “greenest” products you can buy. Second hand clothes and furniture have reduced to no chemicals left in them and are better for the environment, as well as your pocket.

Clean old carpets. Old carpets can harbour dust mites or other allergens such as pet dander. If you have the money putting a new floor in would be a great idea. There are many recycled, or wool, carpets that are environmentally friendly and safe for your child. You can also replace the carpet with a wooden floor instead if you like, just try to avoid formaldehyde additives and glues if you do. A cheaper option is to steam clean the carpet.

Clean air. Use an air purifier and a dehumidifier in the baby’s room to help remove chemicals and dampness from the room. Before the baby is born open the windows in the room and allow the room to air for several hours a day to reduce the smells and chemicals being released into the atmosphere.

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