Jute storage tin

I’ve been using an old formula tin as a nappy liner storage container it’s very practical but not very pretty so I thought why not wrap it in jute. I love jute you can use it for so many things! So twine wrapping I did.

What you’ll need to make your own jute tin:

a formula tin (or another large tin)
spray glue
Spray the tin with some glue. Do this in small sections so the glue doesn’t dry out.
Tightly wrap and press the twine around the tin. Do a small section at a time as you’ll need to push the twine together so there are no gaps.
I used my thumb nail to push the twine tightly together. I now have lots of glue all over my hands. Spray another section of the tin and wrap with the twine. Continue to push the new twine tightly onto the wrapped twine so there are no gaps. Repeat all the way around until you’re finished. Once finished I sprayed the whole tin with spray glue to help keep it all together.
Looks much fancier than just an old tin. Some nice recycling.
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