John’s Nijntje room

With a new baby on the horizon I’ve been planning what the new nursery will look like. All I can say is owls!! On that note I can’t believe I’ve never shared John’s room. We did this room before I started blogging so I thought I’d share it now. 
This is what John’s room used to look like check out the black door frames, black coving, black windowsills and black pelmet! Poor Mr Ecochick spent so much time getting all this black off. We stripped all the wall paper, removed the coving, put up a new ceiling (with the help of my brothers) and then got the plasterer in to skim the walls and put up new coving.  
Since we didn’t know what sex John was we did a completely neutral room though the theme was Nijntje, Nijntje and more Nijntje. My lovely parent’s were in Holland during my pregnancy so brought us back some wonderful Nijntje goodies; a lovely freeze, some wall animals, a lamp shade, a cuddly white Nijntje blanket and some Nijntje soft toys. So spoilt! A friend also painted a little Nijntje painting for John’s room. We painted the walls with VOC-free Resene Double Dutch White (we loved the name!) it’s a lovely warm yellow cream.
Lots of other items in John’s room are second hand. The cot I bought off trade me for half the retail price (it was only 6 months old!) score! The floor matt was the one I had in my room when I was little (this matt has lived in many different homes with me over the years!). My mum kindly made the curtains for John (I really wanted Nijntje fabric but this was nowhere to be found so we went with a a lovely rich red). Check out the huge Nijntje soft toy my brother and his wife bought John (it turned up on our doorstep the day before John was born all the way from Oz).
On the back of John’s door I have some Nijntje posters I bought off trade me (one with the alphabet and one with numbers). I still need to print out and laminate the Dutch alphabet I’ve made. A girlfriend kindly made the other alphabet and body poster.

John’s toy boy has most of his clothes in it and came from an antique shop up north. The cute piggy quilt was from John’s grandma and the cute storage frog and monkey came from kmart (they were Easter baskets; they have socks and slippers in them). We also have a (very unscientific) thermometer in John’s room so I have some idea of what temperature it is. I love the growth chart I made John. Looks so great next to the wood.

In true Ecochick form this change table was the one my parent’s used for my brothers and I. The gnome wall hanging was made by my Oma and I think was in my room when I was little.
Oh when we were in Holland a few years back I bought lots of Nijntje stuff I just couldn’t help myself (that little rug was one of the things). Because I bought quite a bit Nijntje stuff we joked I would be done for importing by customs! So that’s John’s room. I love it it’s such a happy place. There is no need to spend a crazy amount of money on a baby room. Also buying second hand and using VOC-free paint is healthier for the baby and yourselves.

  Madeleine  x

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