John’s new play room

When I was a child we had a play room and we just loved playing in there. It was great because we had all our toys in one place and we could leave whatever were working on out rather than having to put everything away. I’d really love to have a playroom for John but we don’t seem to have enough rooms (who would have thought with a four bedroom home we still don’t have enough room!). I’ve been trying to think of ways for John to have a playroom and as usual have had many ideas before finally settling on rearranging the lounge.
We have a lovely bay window in our lounge and one day we will make a daybed type window box under the window but for now this has become John’s new playroom. We moved a chair to the other side of the room (putting an old one outside so now I have some more outside furniture). With this large space I’ve put three little chairs and a table that mum bought for John before he was born. He really loves his new table and likes to move from chair to chair having snacks and playing with toys. I moved a chalkboard against the wall – this chalkboard was one I had as a child and has been at my brother’s house for years. John loves chalk but eats more of it than what goes on the chalkboard. Looks like he is wearing pink lipstick some days! ha ha
I wanted a toy cupboard so I could put all John’s toys in there as I seem to constantly find toys all over the place and can’t seem to keep them all in one place (of course I understand that John is just a baby and I have no problems with a mess when he is playing but at the end of the day I want somewhere to keep all the toys in; all nice and tidy). We moved a cupboard from the spare room into the lounge and it looks great.
So total cost of this new “playroom” = nothing! That’s right not a zip. Mum bought the table and chairs for about $5 second hand, the chalkboard is very old and the cupboard came from dad’s work when they renovated. I’m very happy with the result. I still have a lounge and now little John has his own area: this is a nice mixture of baby and normal life.  
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