John’s monster wheel sandpit

For Christmas last year we wanted to get John a sandpit. My best friend had a tractor tyre as a sandpit when she was a child; so the search was on. It actually wasn’t that easy to find a tractor wheel here in the city. We finally found one at a scrap yard. John and Mr Ecochick cut the top of the wheel to make the opening bigger and also remove some exposed wire. John then cleaned his wheel. Wow he looks so little (these photos were taken last Christmas it’s taken us that long to finish the sandpit)!!!
I got some weed matting from freecycle to line the bottom of the wheel to hopefully contain the sand and help with drainage. I hear little boys like to add water to sand.
We got a trailer load of dune sand and Mr Ecochick and John filled the sandpit. John thought this was so exciting.
Mr Ecochick made a cover for the sandpit to keep the cats out and try to keep some of the rain out as well. He made the lid out of plywood offcuts we had in the garage. He put several pieces together with some nails and glue and heavier plywood. He then drew around the tyre and cut out the circle with a jigsaw. Mr Ecochick chiselled out the edges of the heavier plywood so the lid would sit flush with the sides of the sandpit. I want to paint the lid at some stage to help protect it from the elements.    
John just loves his new sandpit he calls it his monster wheel. He played in it all afternoon. I think he will have many years of fun out of his monster wheel. Though now I have sand everywhere; all over the kitchen floor and John needed a good scrubbing. I may regret the whole idea at some stage!!! I gave John some new garden tools for his sandpit, he also has a spoon we found in the berry patch and a tin I bought second hand. No need for plastic sandpit toys!!!
I love this photo I took it once John had finished playing and gone to bed I thought it was so lovely I just had to share.
Total cost: $17.50; $5 for the tyre (a donation to the hospice) plus $12.50 for sand. I love that this sandpit is completely recycled and no plastic was involved at all.

 Madeleine  x

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