John’s birth

 A few minutes old

Thought it was about time I wrote about John’s birth. I had the most amazing pregnancy and I just loved it. Though I was in complete denial about the birth and wouldn’t talk about a birth plan or anything to do with the birth. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted my child’s birth to be as natural as possible. I didn’t want any drugs and I wanted to have a water birth.
Even when my labour started I thought it might be false labour and so didn’t wake Mr Ecochick until my waters broke 3 hours later. So I spent the first few hours by myself on a chair in the lounge, in the shower and on the toilet. Water is your friend when you’re in labour. I woke Mr Ecochick at about 4 and told him that my waters had broken and that he should ring the midwife. Which he did and we thought I was still a way away so the midwife said to ring back when the contractions changed (I have no memory of her telling me to call back). So at about 6 my midwife turned up to check on me. I was 8 cm dilated already! So a rush to the hospital. That was a very, very long 20 minutes drive.
Once we got to the hospital I jumped in the large spa bath. Felt nice being in the water. Mr Ecochick was in the pool with me was really wonderful to have him there and also my mum  there to support us. So after 2 hours at the hospital and only 39 minutes of pushing (felt more like two hours of pushing) little John Christopher Booth was born via ventouse delivery at 9.09 am on 29 June 2010. He was 7 lb 3 oz. Was all pretty surreal really sometimes I still  can’t believe that I actual did it and created this little person.
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