It’s christmas time in the city!

christmas_nz_ecochickI just love Christmas time and everything to do with it. Christmas just isn’t complete without a tree and a real one at that! Last year we were in Holland for Christmas and went to a warehouse full of beautiful trees. I don’t like the idea (and reality) of cutting down a tree for a few weeks seems so wasteful so we’ve bought a real Christmas tree in the city (yes it’s a pine tree in a pot!) that will live in a pot all year and then come inside at Christmas time to be decorated and made to look all pretty.
I do so love decorating the tree and singing Christmas songs. When we were in Holland I bought all new glass decorations and some new lights. Don’t they just look super pretty?! The tree looks a little pathetic as it’s so tiny but I’m sure it’ll be bigger next year. Tomorrow I’m off to mum’s to help her decorate her tree. We always do this together and have done so for years though now the kiddies will be joining in too. Christmas really is a family affair.
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