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its all good nz ecochick

The wonderful folk at Ecotanka approached me and asked if I wanted to review a deodorant cream so I was keen to give it a try. I was happy with my current deodorant but it does come in an aerosol can which I can’t recycle in my local area and I’m all for trying new ecofriendly products.
When the deodorant arrived it was in a small recyclable pot which is interesting as I’m (as I’m sure most of us are) used to compressed cans or roll on sticks. I have the lavender one as I’m such a lavender girl; the cream smells great in the pot and has a nice faint smell once on. The It’s All Good deodorant might come in a small pot but boy I think it’ll last for ages!! It doesn’t seem to go down! I love that this product is made from completely natural ingredients and made by a homoeopath in Nelson which also means it’s not tested on animals.        
Mr Ecochick and I have both been using this product for the last few weeks and we’re both very impressed with how well it works. Being pregnant I find I’m a bit more sweaty than normal (or maybe it’s just my pregnancy sense of smell?) and this little product packs a bunch and has been keeping me smell free. Mr Ecochick thinks it works well and keeps a stinky boy at bay.  The cream is so easy to use simply run your finger through the cream and rub some on the other fingers then rub onto your underarms. 
Since this wonderful product is a brand new product to the market I am very happy to announce that I have two wonderful deodorants to give away; one lavender and one lemon and bergamot. This deodorant is in a few stores but if you’d like to stock this product or would like to buy your own you can email your order to
All in all, I love this product and will be using and buying it from now on. I love that this product is made from completely natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any nasties. Most importantly I love that this product works!! I mean really, really works! It’s All Good natural deodorant cream gets the NZ Ecochick seal of approval. 

its all good nz ecochick

 Open to New Zealand only

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2 thoughts on “It’s All Good natural deodorant cream

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  2. September 25, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    loved your review hun! going to buy some.. Cheers