Introducing my friend Mr Kale

I love kale (borecole). It’s a beautiful vegetable so green, curly and leafy. Kale is really healthy it’s high in vitamin C and K, lutein, beta carotene and a bunch of other stuff. It amazes me that it is so hard to buy here in New Zealand so I thought I would share how amazing kale is and some ideas of what you can do with it.

Kale is super easy to grow basically you buy seedlings (in Autumn or winter) or seeds and put them in the ground and they will grow like crazy. Kale is a great meal filler making some cheap tasty family meals; all these meals featured cost less than $10 (some much less) to make and are big enough for several meals. Kale is very popular in Holland and the States but New Zealanders are seriously missing out on some super yummies.

Below are some of my favourite kale recipes:

Borenkool (farmer’s kale): a traditional Dutch winter meal. You can’t go wrong with kale, potatoes and sausage (vegetarian ones over here). Yummy!


Creamed kale with caramelized onion; we made this for the first time tonight with the last of our winter kale (will plant some seeds in the new garden). This was super yummy especially with fresh fettuccine.


Greek-style lentil and kale soup: another all year round favourite especially with homemade bread. This soup is magic it’s so easy to make. I love the mixture of mint, lentils, kale and feta.


These last two recipes look super yummy but I haven’t had a chance to make them yet. Since we have no kale left until I plant my seeds we can’t make these for a few weeks. However these recipes look so yummy I just had to share them as well.

Kale chips: don’t they sounds so yummy. I love chips and I love kale so I imagine they are amazing.


Kale presto gnocchi: Again I love kale, love pesto and love gnocchi so I cant wait to make this recipes either.


Do you like kale? What are your favourite kale recipes?


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