Hulling and piping with a straw

Daily buzz did a wonderful post on 25 clever ideas; where you read it and go ahha! I thought I would do a series of my own clever ideas so watch this space. The first in this series is hulling and piping strawberries and cherries. New nostalgia did a great post on hulling strawberries with a straw.
So when we were eating cherries last week I said why don’t we pip them with a straw! Basically you put the straw at the bottom of the cherry, push the straw upwards and the pip pops out the top of the cherry. 
This worked a treat with our stainless steel straws (no idea how this would work with plastic straws as they might not be strong enough). I loved piping the cherries as there was very little fruit wastage and you could pop the whole fruit in your mouth. A much saver way to give the fruit to a small person too as they can eat whole halves rather than little bits of fruit reducing the risk of choking. 
Strawberries were also on the menu this week so I used the new nostalgia technique for hulling strawberries. This was really easy with the stainless steel straws and so ended up with these cute little tubes of strawberries with leaves on top. This reduces the waste of the strawberry as you’re not cutting the tops off and cutting a chunk of the flesh off as well.
Will definitely be hulling and piping my fruit with a straw from now on.  
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