How we save money on our shopping

When shopping I always look for the best deals as I HATE wasting money. There are only a few products that I buy brand specific and everything else I just buy whatever is cheapest or on sale. When the brands I do buy are on sale I stock up so I don’t have to pay full price.

We shop about every two or three weeks, we also go to Moore Wilsons and Davis Trading to buy items in bulk saving even more money. We also have a garden and grow a lot of our own food. There is nothing better than fresh herbs and veggies.

Buying items in bulk doesn’t always work out a lot cheaper but it is way more convenient. Buying in bulk is also better for the environment. Don’t under estimate your local Asian/ Indian supermarkets these places have a great range of very reasonably priced items. Spices are much cheaper at these types of stores. Of course don’t forget to take a shopping list with you so you don’t over stock.

I like to cherry pick supermarkets as well. I get emails from a few different stores so I know what is cheaper where each week and so go specially to that supermarket to collect the cheaper item(s). While I’m there I’ll have a quick look around and buy whatever else I might need that they have on sale. When buying larger or bulk items these obviously need to be stored correctly otherwise it’s just a waste.

Tip: buying larger tins of food is normally cheaper than buying smaller tins. Divide the leftovers into ice cube trays for easy storage and ease of use. This works well for tomato pastes, gravies, stocks, etc.


The biggest thing we do to save money is not eating any meat. Being a vegetarian household saves us truck loads of money {and of course is way better for the environment}. What do you do to help save your family money?

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