How to start your own eco group

Last month Good magazine did an article on the eco mums group I’m a part of. I’m very lucky that these wonderful girls invited me to join their very inspirational group. I love spending time with all these ladies and we have so much fun together. They challenge and inspire me. Since this piece in Good magazine many people have asked me and the eco group how to start their own group so Ellen (one of the founding members he he sounds so official!) wrote an article for you all with some tips on how to start your own ecogroup. I know of one group that has already started in another part of New Zealand which is all very exciting.
Article written by Ellen van Dijken and photos taken by Debs Tobin:   
It has been great to receive so many enthusiastic responses to our little piece in Good Magazine. Some people wanted to know how to start their own group, and others have asked to join our Facebook group!
Unfortunately, the two sentences (We admit- it wasn’t much…) that explained how to start your own group were edited out. That was an important part because, as much as we would love to, we can’t include everyone in our green team. We strongly believe the strength of our group lies in the fact that it is small and local. We make stuff together, we frequent the same shops, we share our local little gems, we visit each other to steal ideas, etc.
Therefore, we are spreading the word on how our group started and how it grew, so others can follow in our footsteps. We will include some great eco-blogs and sites where you can find inspiration and like-minded people to talk to. There are many great sites available if you are looking to communicate with large amounts of people. Your own eco-group will benefit most from being limited in size.
So how did our group start? Well, it started with just two people! They decided to get together and share some ideas on how to make their own cleaning products. These two ladies met at Playcentre where quite a bit of chatting goes on… That’s how they found out they shared the same interest. A third friend joined the first morning tea- and a group was born!
All you need is one other person. One. We know that for some people it is hard to find that one person. The best way is to drop in conversation what you have been doing; when you talk to other people at school or kindy, in the neighbourhood, activities and of course amongst your friends. If there is absolutely no-one who seems to be interested, you could post in popular blog sites like NZ Ecochick or Good Magazine, or even post on Gumtree.
Our group grew as we were sharing with others what we were doing, and we were so passionate about it others seemed to come out of the eco-closet from everywhere! Of course with every new member the potential to find other enthusiasts grew exponentially. We now have around twenty members that live mostly within a ten km radius.
If you buy/ borrow Wendyl Nissen’s ‘Domestic goddess on a budget’ you have an excellent resource to start brewing your cleaning and personal care products. We get together one evening a month, but of course anything goes. We have new posts on Facebook pretty much daily now and have been for an eco-weekend away plus had an afternoon together making Christmas presents. Great fun! We have become a group of friends that enjoy spending time together outside of our eco-activities as well.
Find that one person and your own team is born. We are always available to provide advice and/or inspiration! Enjoy!
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