How green was the party?

So after a great party on Saturday I thought I’d report how green the party really was. In the post Green party time I mentioned all the different things we were going to do to reduce the waste and environmental impact of this party. We had a great day with lots of super yummy food and great company. So we used “real” plates, crockery, glasses, mugs, cloth napkins and loads of tea towels to cover food.

We had only a small bag of rubbish to throw away and the rest can be recycled or has been washed already. The decorations looked great; I used lots of slingers and also wonderful pompoms that a girlfriend gave me – these came from another friend’s wedding – it meant I didn’t have to make them and also they have been recycled already. Mum now wants to use them for another party so they will have another party to shine at.

green_birthday_partyJohn got some amazing pressies; an oh so green truck and also lots of amazing homemade gifts; beautiful cardigans from grandma and nonna, a really cute elephant and matching pj pants my sister-in-law made. He also got lots of lovely books and wooden puzzles. It was great that other people respected our wish for no gifts and so we were able to reduce the number of gifts that John received.

All in all it was a wonderful day and I was very happy with the little rubbish we created. Having a green party was easy and lots of fun. Thank you so much to everyone who came and to my mum, Rochelle and my mother in law for the amazing food and wonderful support throughout the day.


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