Hospital bag

As my due date draws nearer I have got everything ready for Grape to arrive. I thought I’d share what I have in my hospital bag as it pays to have a few items with you for your pending arrival.

In my bag for me:
Nightie/ PJs – mine has buttons all the way down so I can breastfeed
Breastfeeding bra
Breast pads – I have some cloth ones with a waterproof backing and some bamboo/ hemp ones for extra absorbency 
Undies and socks – several old pairs
Maternity mama pads – I love bamboo ones so soft and gentle
A change of clothes to go home in
Toothbrush, toothpaste and shower gel 
Togs for Mr Ecochick – we’re going to have a water birth
Cell phone 

In my bag for Grape:
Nappies – I wanted to use cloth from day one but Mr Ecochick wasn’t keen to start with cloth until the meconium has been passed. I did manage to get some disposables off freecycle so I didn’t have to buy any 
Cloth wipes – I love bamboo velour ones
Cloth wipes solution – all natural so easy to make and use
Baby botty balm – I love my homemade all natural balm
Baby blanket – I’m using John’s bamboo one I love it so much so snugly and colourful
Woolen cardigan, hat and booties- lovingly made by a family friend for John
Socks, clothes, baby vests, baby nighties 
Swaddling cloth
Burp cloths –  I have lovely large bamboo ones
Placenta pack

You’ll also need a car seat of some type. You can’t take baba home without a proper car seat. 
I’ve also made an overnight bag for John as he’ll go to my parent’s place when I go into labour. We have included a new toy digger for him to play with. 

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