Homestead plans 2014

With a new year comes new hope and dreams for the year ahead. I want to share what I’d like to achieve in my garden and around the home this year. A few years back I shared what I wanted to get done around the home some of these things have been achieved and some things I’ve decided I don’t want to do anymore. So what do I want to do this year?

garden_ideas_nzWe’ve made one rain harvest system to water the plants with (though it is currently broken) I still want to add one more to the deck and maybe one or two at the front of the house. I really REALLY want to add a watering system in the garden (i.e. a drip irrigation system) so the plants get a deeper watering and we don’t spend hours a week watering the garden by hand.

garden_ideas_nzI scored an old bath from some renovations done by my parents and I want to turn this into a large herb garden on my deck. It will be close to the backdoor but will still be lots of room for my herbs to grow and spread since you really can never have too many herbs!

In my interview with Gavin we discussed bantam chickens and he mentioned pekin bantam chickens. He called them Southern bells wow they are so pretty. They seem to look like baby orpington. I call my girls Victorian ladies so I want to add some Southern bells to my flock. I am talking to a lady nearby so these girls will come in the next wee while. Gavin told me pekins are great insecters and don’t do much damage to the garden. Both sound great to me I might actually get some apples from the apple tree as it gets codling moth every year.

I want to build a chicken tunnel from the backyard to the side orchard at the front of the house. This will involve making a tunnel so the chooks can go from the back through the tunnel to front plus we’ll put up a high fence at the side of the house so the girls won’t not be in any danger from passing dogs and can’t escape. I’d love to have a trellised arbor as a fence to get into the orchard and then grow some berries up the gate. Just cause.

I want my front yard to look like this. Wow what a picture! Well it wont really look like this but I will add more raised beds to the front garden so that there isn’t much lawn and loads of food. I will start by adding an asparagus bed next to the no dig bed. I also want to add a pallet fence to section it off just because it looks so pretty. So why not?

homestead_ideas_nzThe girls are busy clearing out next to the garage. We want to clear this out then rebuilt the fence between our property and the neighbours. Then we’ll fix up the garage and in turn will create a wonderful new space for a new orchard. Since my other orchard has all the normal trees in it I wanted to add some strange and wacky trees in here like a blue sausage tree (maybe we’ll see),

Lastly I want to make more cheese, I want to make halloumi (I’ll try and make it with with milk powder), more mozzarella (maybe with milk powder too). So I have a busy year ahead of me! What are your goals for this year?



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