Homemade popsicles

It’s summertime and that means lovely warm days and what better to eat on a hot day than a nice cold popsicle. Store bought popsicles can contain a lot of chemicals and definitely a lot of sugar. There is no doubt that store bought popsicles taste great but there are healthy homemade alternatives. Basically any fruit can be pulped and poured into a popsicle mould to be frozen and enjoyed. Yesterday I opened a tin of pineapples and poured the syrup into a popsicle mould (though the syrup will be high in sugar but it seems a waste to throw it away).

makeyourown_popsicle_kidsMy summer Popsicles:

1 cup cherries

1 cup watermelon

1 cup grapes

Chop up all the fruits and put in a blender. Pour into the mould and freeze.


Healthy Alternatives has a great recipe for a yoghurt ice block;

1 cup natural yoghurt

1 cup fruit pulp

Add to a blender and freeze.


John loves these homemade ice blocks and is so excited when he sees the moulds in the freezer but not all children will especially if they are used to store bought popsicles.


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