Homemade chocolate chips

I was making ice cream the other day and wanted to make vanilla chocolate chip ice cream but I hate the supermarket chocolate chips. They taste terrible, are overpriced and often contain palm oil and other nasties so I though why not make my own!

First off buy your favourite block of plain chocolate. I bought dark Ghana chocolate; it’s fairtrade and palm oil free bonus. I find it better to buy dark chocolate otherwise I’ll just eat it. He he.


Break off your desired amount ie if you want 100g chocolate chips break off 100g from the block of chocolate then wrap it in a clean tea towel. I broke my chocolate into the individual blocks as best I could. I then wrapped my tea towel twice around my chocolate to stop it escaping.

Then you get a rolling pin (or a piece of wood would work haha) and basically beat the crap out of the chocolate/ tea towel. Keep beating until you have yummy chocolate chips.

homemade_chocolate_chipsSo easy and fun. No need to run to the store next time you want to do some baking. No more nasty store bought chocolate chips. In general just yummy great tasting chocolate chips. Enjoy.



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