Home recycling station

During the renovations everything has kind of got lost; finally things are starting to get new homes. Since we’ve moved so many walls and items around I wasn’t sure where I was going to put our recycling and it’s been driving me crazy as it’s been all over the deck. I’m so fed up with the rubbish everywhere that I’ve had a bit of a tidy and things are looking a bit more normal. I also found a home for our recycling station. I do love a bit of order in my life and am slowly getting there.
I last posted about recycling and our rubbish output over a year ago and since then I have tried to reduce our rubbish even more. To reduce our rubbish output we’ve now got a green waste bin for all our green waste, we’ve increased the amount of cloth items we use, we’ve reduce the amount of packaging that we bring into our home by buying in bulk, using cloth veggie bags and growing our own veggies has saved heaps of waste and rubbish. We now put out a rubbish bag about every three weeks rather than every two weeks like last year so that’s an improvement but we’re not there yet.
I love having all my recycling in one place so come rubbish day I can just grab the recycling and put it out on the curb. Where it will be whisked away to play another day as something entirely new and exciting.
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