Home made

New clothes made with love

I just love home or hand made. I think there is nothing more special than receiving a gift that someone made especially for you. I always used to make my own gifts and cards; though over the years I guess I got busy and so didn’t make things anymore. I want to get back into making gifts and things around the home. Sadly nowadays it is often cheaper and better made to buy items ready made rather than making them yourself but the self satisfaction just isn’t there; unless you mean the score of buying an item cheaply or on sale. So I’m keen to get back into making my own house hold goodies/ gifts.  
On the weekend I went to Spotlight with my mother in law to buy some wool so that she can make John a cardigan, hat and booties – I just love knitted baby clothes. John has lots of knitting that a friend of my mother makes; Shirley makes the most amazing clothes. I found a knitting catalogue for myself with loads of amazing tops and cardigans in it so I have decided that I’m going to learn to knit so that I can make my own clothes.
While we were at Spotlight I bought some satin monster material as John just loves different textures especially satin; might have something to do with the satin nighties I wear. John was sleeping with a pair of boxes he just loved them but I thought it was a bit embarrassing so now we have monsties. Take 20cm of cute monstie satin material, sow into a rectangle inside out, and voila we have a new favourite toy!
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