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While pregnant I couldn’t buy store bought sushi as rice can harbour all sorts of diseases and being pregnant I didn’t want to risk getting sick. Being a vegetarian there wasn’t much that I had to cut out of my diet but not having sushi for nine months was not cool. Solution; make your own.

sushi_homemade_nzSushi is heaps easier to make than you think. Ok I might not be a super amazing sushi chef which takes like a million years to train but I do make a mean sushi roll or two! A friend gave us a rice cooker which makes making sushi so much easier; you can make it without a rice cooker but does require a bit more effort. When we make sushi we make four cups of rice so that we can make enough for four rolls of sushi each (two for dinner and two for lunch) for myself and Mr Ecochick and also we make one roll for John for lunch. John loves his sushi.

Homemade sushi is relatively cheap to make depending on what you filled the sushi with. You can buy a 50 sheet pack of nori seaweed from Davis Trading for about $10-$15 deepening on the brand. You can buy everything you need from Davis or any other Asian-type supermarket much cheaper than the supermarket.

How to make your own sushi

What you’ll need to buy

Bamboo sushi mat (we have two as we can’t be bothered waiting for each other to finish)

Medium grain rice (no need to buy the expensive sushi rice normal supermarket medium grain works a treat)

Nori seaweed sheets

Pickled ginger and wasabi if you want (I don’t like these so I don’t add them)

Rice vinegar

Soy sauce

Sugar – castor or white whatever you have

To make sushi rice

2 cups rice (if using a rice cooker add 2¼ cups water)

1½ tsp rice vinegar

1½ tsp sugar

Heat rice vinegar and sugar until they dissolve.

Once the rice is cooked mix through the vinegar/ sugar mixture.


You can fill the sushi roll with whatever you like our favourites are:

Cucumber, omelette (one egg with rice vinegar, a little sugar and water), carrot, soy sauced tofu, soy sauced mushrooms, avocado.

To make the sushi roll

Put the bamboo matt on a flat plate then put a nori sheet (they say shinny side down but it doesn’t really matter).

Put a thin layer of rice all over the sheet – leave a clear 2cm area along the top edge of the sheet.

Add all the fillings you like in a line about 2/3 cm in from the bottom edge of the nori.

Roll the sushi up using the bamboo mat until the nori overlaps.

Add some water along the overlap to seal the edges.

You can cut the sushi like the shops do but I like to just eat it as a roll.

Or you can make chirashi-zushi (sushi salad) instead. Enjoy.


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