Home grown boerenkool

When I was growing up we often ate traditional Dutch food though I didn’t know this was traditional food to me this was just normal food. It wasn’t until I was about 25 that I realised that we ate differently from other kiwi families. I mean I know we are Dutch and they are kiwis but it never really crossed my mind that we ate different food. Isn’t it funny how our whole world is at home when we are kids and don’t really know any different.
In our home we like to eat a huge range of food from different cultures; often in one week we can have Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese or Indian. Great we live in such a multi-cultural society. I still love to eat traditional Dutch food and while we were in Holland last year we ate loads of traditional foods. Yummy.
When mum was in Holland a few years ago she bought us three kids Dutch cook books called “de Hollandse keuken” it’s fantastic as not only does it have all the traditional Dutch recipes; it has Dutch one side of the page and English on the other! Just great!
So last night we made boerenkool with fresh kool (kale) just picked from the garden. So fresh that Mr Ecochick had to pull two big fat caterpillars off the kool!
So here’s how you make it:
600g finely diced kale
1 kg potatoes
150 ml milk (or as much as is needed – we put in much less last night)
35g butter
1 tbsp “Zaanse” mustard (old English mustard with seeds in it works as well)
Precook the kale for 10 minutes with a little water.
Peel the potatoes and add them to the kale.
Cook for approximately 30 minutes (kale takes ages to cook!!!)
Mash the kale and potatoes with milk, butter, mustard and season with salt.
Normally boerenkool is eaten with rookworst but being vegetarians we ate it with vegetarian sausage (hotdogs in this case). We made a huge pot so we can have leftovers for lunch and now that John is 10 months old he can have some for his lunch too. Yummy.
We have a veggie garden over flowing with fresh veggies so today we’re going to make spanakopita, silverbeet and cottage cheese lasagne and I think some kale and bean soup. Yummy. I love cooking from my own garden!! 
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