Holland trip

A tradition in my family is when you arrive at Schipol airport you HAVE to have a zak patat met (a pointed bag of Flemish chips with heaps of mayonnaise). This is Mr Ecochick being “forced” in the tradition. Nomnomnom   

Little John all wrapped up and ready to go out. Was a little cold yesterday -1 I think. Such a cutie.


Eating poffertjes at a market in Ede.

So much yummy food and so little time!! We’re working our way through the list of traditional food! Hard job someone’s got to do it. So far we’ve had Chinese tomato soup (it’s a sweet and sour tomato soup), Erwtensoep (Dutch pea soup), stroop waffles, loads of Dutch cheese, stamppot and pancakes. As you can see we’re getting there.    

Lunch with Oma

We went to a traditional really old Dutch restaurant after a wonderful walk along a dyke. Everyone had Erwtensoep (well I had tomato soup as Erwtensoep has meat in it). Was so wonderful to walk past all the beautiful traditional houses (was a REALLY rich area so the houses were AMAZING!), they were all done up for Christmas and got to see giant blue herrings standing in the water. There was still some snow on the ground. Sadly this was all gone by the next day.      
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