Hiring vs buying

I’ve wanted to lose weight ever since John was born but haven’t been very successful. I’ve lost a little; I’ve been doing some workouts and have been doing long walks so that helps but I feel it’s time to step things up a bit. Before we got married I used a vibration machine to help tone my body a bit before the big day. The time I spent on the machine was really great. So I’ve been meaning to go down to the vibration training place in Petone but it’s been too much of a hassle to go. I looked at a buying a machine but the cheaper ones on the market are just rubbish. So after a bit of research I decided I didn’t really need to buy a machine so I hired one. To hire one costs about the same as going to the clinic but I thought it would be a better idea to have a machine at home then I would use it more. Think of all the petrol I’ll save too.
Therefore why do we always feel we need to rush out and buy new things that we may or may not end up using as much as we think? So why not borrow or hire things that we might only use a little while. I read online that you can hire everything from power tools to cell phone; it is a much better idea to hire an item for that one project rather than have the item sit in the garage never to see the light of day again.
Hiring items I guess is the ultimate in environmentalism. More people can use the item and it doesn’t get thrown away when it’s no longer wanted. I like free cycle/ Craig’s list too as we can pass on unwanted items and there’s always trade me for buying second hand and reselling of course. So at times it may not always be cheaper to hire but it’s definitely better for the environment.  
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