Hevea pacifier review

Some babies just need to suck and it’s great that there is an alternative to plastic pacifiers. These pacifiers are made by Hevea and are 100% natural rubber latex from the Hevea Brasisliensis tree. I’m very happy that the pacifier comes in completely recyclable packaging that can be reused. 
When the pacifier arrived it felt well rather latex like before I boiled it. Post boiling to sterilise it for use it lost some of the latex feel to it and cooled down very quickly for use. I like that the pacifier is shaped to fit over the chin and under the nose so that Gabriel can breath easily while satisfying his sucking needs. These pacifiers come in orthodontic or anatomical shapes to suit all needs. They are decorated with cute shapes like stars and moons or crowns. I love that these pacifiers are one solid piece so that they can easily be cleaned and bacteria can’t hide and reproduce. I love the suitability and environmental awareness of this company.
pacifier nz ecochick
You can buy these great pacifiers online from Boo panda baby. You can also buy an organic storage bag to keep the pacifier in when you’re not using it and for taking it out and about. I love natural alternatives to plastic and will be buying these pacifiers from now on. Thanks so much for the pacifier Boo Panda baby.    
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