Hanging basket lining

 On my veranda I had three empty linerless baskets.
So I decided to line the baskets with weed matting.
I got the weed matting off freecycle but if I hadn’t been able to get some I was thinking of using the reusable bags that a lot of shops sell and hand out.  
What you’ll need:
Weed matting or reusable bags
the biggest needle you can find
Push the cloth into the basket.
Cut around the basket with about 10cm extra fabric.
Fold the fabric into the basket.
Make sure the chain is hanging free under the basket
(I had to unpick my cloth to release the chains the first time grr).
Using the twin and needle sew the fabric to the basket.
Sew the whole way around the basket.
Take care when sewing the fabric to push it all the way down to the edges of the basket.
Otherwise you end up with the fabric not reaching the basket edges.
Once complete cut a piece of plastic and lay it in the bottom of the basket 
to help with water loss.  
Fill with potting mix and add your chosen plants.
I added some aloe vera plants that I had looking very sad in pots too small for them.
The first basket I did I used cable ties to attach the fabric 
but mum mentioned this wasn’t very ecofriendly.
She came up with the idea of using twine.
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