Handbag reveal

Do you want to know me? Really, really know me? Well I’m going to show you all. I’m going to show you what’s in my handbag! I know crazy right but you really can tell a lot about a person from what is in their handbag. So check it out…


So what can we see…

mama pads in a waterproof pouch – well you never want to be caught out.

Bamboo burp cloth – Gabriel is very spilly and well kids are messy.

Kids toy keys

Asthma inhaler – Mr Ecochick is asthmatic so I have one of these everywhere

Make up bag with lip gloss, loads of hair ties! and mouth spray.

2 pens

2 little fold up bags so I can refuse plastic bags when out and about

Wallet – can’t really leave the house without this

Large 4 My Earth pocket for taking home cafe leftovers (or marshmallows if John isn’t with me. How he loves them)

hevea pacifier kept in a reusable bag

I’ve started carrying a stainless steel straw to help with plastic free July

ibuprofen and diclofenac for headaches and migraines

My business cards. Actually I need to make more I’ve almost used all these up!

Car key I see my house keys are missing from my bag but they are always with me too.

Cell phone – wouldn’t leave home without it

Prescription sunglasses or normal glasses are in my bag depending on which I don’t have on.

Make up compact.


So that’s all of me exposed bare. Welcome to the real NZ Ecochick. So what does this say about me? What do you have in your bag? Do tell…


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