Gumboot violas

It’s been amazing weather this weekend. Wow almost feels like summer! We spent yesterday in the garden planting trees and weeding. The garden is starting to look more presentable it looked so miserable with only weeds growing really well. I thought I’d do a little garden crafting.
I had this cute pair of gumboots that had spilt, broken and were not comfortable any more. So I retired them since I got some new ones off freecycle. I’ve had the gumboots floating around for a while so I thought I’d turn them into planters. 
I pulled the lining out of the gumboots and out came the drill and workbench. According to Mr Ecochick girls with drills and workbenches are hot. Ha ha no photos! I used a Brad point drill to drill holes in random places. The trick to drilling through gumboots is the make sure you’ve gone through the outer and inner rubber.
I filled the gumboots with potting mix. I had to “massage” the boots to get the soil all the way into the toes. The toes of the boots have to be completely filled with soil otherwise they will be top heavy. I spilt the violas I had in a pot and put half in each boot.
I love those little viola faces. So sweet. I really wanted some Johnny jump ups but I haven’t been able to buy any anywhere (I just ordered some seeds from King seeds) so in the mean time I’m enjoying these yellow jump ups.
I’m looking forward to John growing out of and completely breaking his current gummies so I can fill these with soil and plants too. Won’t that be the cutest!?
Madeleine  x
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