Growing mushrooms in my hall cupboard

Last month I was in Masterton and I popped into Parkvale mushroom farm and I picked up one of their mushroom kits. I’m so excited to add home grown mushrooms to list of achievements! 
I see that most Garden Stores sell some the mushroom gourmet kits (might have to try oyster mushrooms next time!!). My first harvest yielded me an impressive 472gms of fresh yummy goodness!!! You really couldn’t eat mushrooms any fresher; unless of course you ate them straight out of the bucket!       
These kits are super easy to grow; you basically put them in a dark cupboard and check on them once in a while. I was so surprised and excited when I checked on them yesterday and found am amazing mushroom patch!

So when you get your kit it maybe already have the “spider white webs” (mycelium) across it if so just add the peat that will come with the kit. Or if not as in my case I had to keep the bucket in the dark for two weeks till the webs grew then I watered and added the peat (about 5cm thick on top of the compost). Put a plastic bag/ cardboard box over the bucket to keep the moisture in. Put the bucket in a dark place that’s not too hot (so not a hot water cupboard) and not too cold. I put mine in my hall cupboard. Then… 
 3 weeks later I had these beautiful tasty mushrooms.
To pick the mushrooms gently hold the mushroom by the stalk and rotate the mushroom; it will come out with a very satisfying pop. Once you harvest your mushrooms you need to water your patch. Basically get a cup of water and run the water down your open hand all over the patch then cover with the plastic and put it back in the cupboard for your next meal.

This was the biggest of my mushrooms (not very button like any more!!) this mushroom weighed 145gms!!! John and I ate several mushrooms raw; they taste so clean and fresh and full of life not dirty like mushrooms often do. I have to say I was a tiny bit nervous about eating these mushrooms even though the ones I buy at the supermarket come from the same farm!!!

I made mushrooms a la grecque for dinner. Was so yummy!!! I only used 250g so I have enough for spaghetti bolognese tomorrow night. I think I might get another bucket or two to have them all going at once to have an ongoing supply of fresh mushrooms. I’m having so much fun!!

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