Grow food not lawns; new no dig garden


I’m all for taking over the lawn and growing yummy delicious organic homegrown produce. So my latest take over is a section of the front garden. I plan to make another bed next to this one (maybe next year?). Mr Ecochick and John cut up some macrocarpa lengths and bolted them together for me. We put the raised bed on the front lawn and lined the bottom of the bed with cardboard and layers of newspaper. We then added mushroom compost on top (amazing stuff) and there you have a no dig garden.

This bed gets full day sun so I’ve planted my sun lovers in here. I bought lots of wonderful plants from the great folk at Edible Organics and planted black and red cherry tomatoes, tomatillos and aubergine plants. I used to be allergic to aubergine I don’t know if I still am as I haven’t eaten them in years as I have been to scared to but I figured if I grow them organically I’ll really know if I am allergic to them or not. 

I’ve planted a melon and some blue peas.


I’ve recently learnt about food forests from Jo from Kahikatea farm and so decided to build the bed around the guava. I’m also going to get a double grafted pear tree to put in the other end of this bed to act as the canopy.    


I’ve planted sunflowers that my mum and John grew together and some beautiful red Russian kale for a bit of colour. I also planted some marigolds but might find something else to act as a ground cover. Any ideas?    


The tomatillos are looking beautiful and looks like I might get some flowers soon. Can’t wait to eat these. I just read these grow to about a meter so I might need to dig two out and put them round the back. These need to be grown in pairs so they can cross pollinate.   


So grow food not lawns. Has anyone else taken over section of their lawn? Enjoy your summer harvest. 

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