Green waste = energy!

We did a working bee on Saturday – was so good to get rid of all the rubbish around the house. Most of the “rubbish” was green waste and not rubbish at all. My parents have a green waste bin and so we’ve decided to get one too. It costs about the same as going to the tip 6 times a year which we do when the rubbish builds up so the convenience will be totally worth it. 
We have a compost bin for the kitchen waste but you can’t put all the garden waste in there so there were piles of lawn clippings, leaves etc all around the house. I have to say I like the idea of the compost bin but the reality hasn’t been everything I thought it would be. The scraps pile up in the container on the bench and I hate going out to the smelly bin. So we’ll get a new green bin and get rid of the compost bin. The only reason I got a compost bin was to reduce our rubbish output but I never really cared about making compost. I’ll give away our old compost bin to a friend or on freecycle so it will be used again. Even more exciting though is that the local tip turns green waste into energy! How cool is that. The methane that is realised by the green waste is turned into power that can power 800 homes. Isn’t that a much better use of my compost!!

Update 1: I’ve just found out that our green waste goes to a composter who turns it into compost so it doesn’t get turned into energy but at least it isn’t just dumped either. The green bin arrived yesterday and already I’ve half filled it with leaves. The bin has encouraged me to do more cleaning around the house as before I had nowhere to put the garden waste but now that I can get rid of it easily I’m more inclined to do some sweeping and gardening. May have a lovely new garden sooner than I thought.


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